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Equipoise (boldenone undecylenate) in the past is used by veterinarian for animals, however, because of modernization and innovation it is now available for human use also. Equipoise is easily available as a product use by veterinarians and is found in many pharmaceutical establishments in South America. It is a steroid which increases protein in cells especially in skeletal muscles.

Half-Life of Equipoise

The half-life of an Equipoise is at least 12 days. This applies during levels in which optimal anabolism is sufficiently high  but not low enough to allow recovery from it, at the period after the last injection. Usually, in this case Equipoise is used in only the earlier part of the cycle.

How effective is Equipoise?

In a steroid cycle, this compound can be put into good use. It is also as effective as in so far as comparing such with other steroid injectable though a little bit less than strong ones. This steroid can also be injected in a in a milligram basis, and for an expert opinion ask your resident doctor about it.

Clinical Equipoise and Athletes

Oftentimes, athletes that take Equipoise, has been recorded that there is a slow and constant build-up of quality muscle. Although the effect of this steroid is slow compared to other steroids, hence this should be taken for longer weeks than other steroids of the same purpose. This is also a performance-enhancing steroid that would generate extra energy for body building and other strenuous activities of the athletes. The competitive drive to win of athletes can be fiercer when they take steroids like Equipoise. Anabolic steroids such as Equipoise that increase muscle mass and strength are used for sympathetic modifications of their testosterone. This will make them recover from a hard work out more quickly just by decreasing the muscle damage that may occur in their trainings or sessions. This would enable them to work harder and harder without overtraining or getting worn out

Side Effects

Equipoise has the ability to raise a person’s RBC (Red Blood Cells). It also tends to do it slightly greater than other steroids of the same kind. Another side effect is, an increase in appetite. This would be seemingly inappropriate for people who are in a diet or meal abstinence. It cannot be departed that the muscle gain is the result of the increase in appetite that Equipoise can take effect on a person’s body. On another note, Athletes, especially men may develop baldness, complications in the size of testicles, and even impotence. Women on the other hand may develop deeper voice, increased prevalence of body hair, rapid hair loss, infrequent and irregular periods. Both of them may also suffer from severe acne, psychiatric disorders such as depression, hepatitis, heart and circulatory problems. It should be well-understood that the taking of such steroid by athletes has long been considered as illegal for the past 20 years. Anabolic steroids have been reported that it poses greater health risks to many people. Steroids can only be used if it is well-prescribed by doctors knowing well of the health problem that needs to be addressed by the prescribed drug.