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How does letrozole work?

Most often the not the things that defines the essence of a woman is their uniqueness. Qualities and features that are cannot be found on men. That is why we always feel proud and empowered knowing what lies ahead is a vibrant future knowing that traditional mentality about women are piece by piece overpowered by liberal thinking and acceptance as well. However, can you imagine losing something that is extremely valuable and important to you? Health is wealth, but as time goes by people grow older and we always never can tell what will happen to us.

Letrozole for breast cancer

 Breast cancer, one of the most traumatic disease for women. It can be hereditary or acquired. However, women who are affected by this are thought to be strong in this kind of situation. Cancer cells spreading rapidly and before you know it you are already on the critical stage. When you are diagnosed of this disease you are expected to undergo surgery. But there are also instances that women who are suffering from breast cancer are already on menopause, this is when Letrozole comes in. Letrozole is an oral medication that is use treat different types of breast cancer and even preventing it from coming back again after the operation. Letrozole is belongs to a category of non-steroidal aromatase inhibitors. This is manifested on the nature of the drug to decrease the estrogen in our body that plays a big part in blocking the growth of cancers cells in the breast.  Letrozole is a long term treatment so it is vital that you take it regularly as prescribe by your doctor with the proper dosage. It is also advised that petients who want to take the mentioned drug must take it only every other day.

Possible side effects

While we are aware of what the drug can do in helping our body, we also need to constantly informed and update ourselves of the possible side effects of using Letrozole. Common effects would be hot flashes, fatigue, swollen of hands and blurry visions from time to time. It is very important that when you take letrozole you must first ask the permission of your doctor and constantly update him or her if there are alarming side effects while you are under medication. It is also advise that even if you detect side effects that is happening in your body and you decide to stop taking Letrozole you should also ask for the permission of your doctor so that they could properly and sufficiently provide you with another medication more suitable to your body needs.  Taking letrozole is also prohibited among pregnant women because it will damage the fetus.

As a whole, it is very important for us to take of our body. Much more to be knowledgeable especially when we are already diagnosed with certain kind of diseases not just about our illness but as well as our medicines. For the reason that in one way or another these are one of the factors that when adhere properly will contribute to our speedy recovery, of course with proper precaution.