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Testosterone Suspension, Being A Man At Its Purest

You may know testosterone as being related to the masculine gender.  However, you might have not heard of the term testosterone suspension.  The relationship between the two is pretty simple; they are one and the same. The only small difference is that testosterones are produced in the body while the other one’s produced artificially.

Testosterone suspension can be considered as the purest form of testosterone. The reason is that almost its entire mass is made of, yes as guessed, testosterone. The name is so because it’s suspended in water. This has to be noted as there are other forms which are suspended in oil. When injected, water based testosterone suspensions can become more painful as compared to the oil based ones. That’s the reason why it’s not commonly used by a lot of anabolic steroid users.  It does not prove any help for those who are active in the gym. However, there are circumstances why this should be used and they consider this as more powerful than any form of testosterone.

Why do we call it the purest? 

There are other forms of injectable testosterone. Examples would be Testosterone-Propionate which contains 80 mg of testosterone and 20 mg of Propionate ester. They share the total mass of the injectable which can affect it effectiveness. Testosterone Suspension doesn’t have any ester that’s attached to it which makes the entire mass of the compound pure. Therefore, a 100 mg testosterone suspension will give you 100 mg pure testosterone.

Since it has no other attachments to it, it doesn’t have half-life. Therefore, when this particular steroid enters your body through injection, it instantly becomes effective. However, its effect can also decrease fat.  That’s the reason why testosterone-suspension should be administered once in a single day. There are those who do it a couple or three times and it’s still optimal.

What Testosterones Really Are

We all know that testosterones are hormones that are released in the body. It’s very much needed in most of our bodily functions. Both men and women produce this particular hormone but it’s much higher in men as compared to women. Any abnormalities in the level of this particular steroidal hormone can lead to some differences and even have an effect to a person’s health. For instance, low testosterone levels can lead to increased body fat, decreased muscle tissue and strength which can’t be solved even with exercise and diet. Men, who have low levels of testosterone also have lower sexual desire, may have erectile dysfunction and sometimes, they may even have depression.

This is where testosterone suspension comes in. Since it is pure when it comes to milligram per milligram level, the effect is higher as compared to the ones with esters attached to them. Testosterone suspensions should be used carefully and should fall under the right programs to attain its most potent effect.