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Know the Truth Before You Buy Growth Hormones in UK

Almost everyone is looking to have to have the perfect body – muscular, well-built and youthful. Society adores those who look ever-young, with perfect wrinkle-free faces and smooth skins. People worship men who have toned abs and rippling arms. In the search for this eternal youth, people often knock at the wrong door. One of the quick fix solutions that folks often end up taking is recourse to artificial growth hormones. One of these artificial growth hormones is jintropin. It is available freely and if you want to buy growth hormones in UK or elsewhere, you will not face any trouble at all. However, you do need to know the dangers of using these hormones.

Let’s take the case of a man names Stuart. Now in his 40s, Stuart has always been an active man, a gym goer and body builder. Used to being complimented freely on his great body and good looks, Stuart is naturally despondent when he finds his body becoming flabby and his energy levels dropping. Already worried about how his 40s are going are going to pan out, Stuart is even more stressed when a gym injury refuses to heal. Worried about this setback, he takes recourse to a growth hormone in UK, where he is based.

Stuart uses an injectable form of the hormone, available easily online and finds himself recovering from the injury in no time at all. While he intended to discontinue the use of the hormone once his leg had healed, he found himself continuing with the needle jabs when he found he looked and felt better, his hair was thicker and his weight was down too. Soon he found that the majority of the men and some women, too, in his gym were all taking growth hormones.  That was the start of a long and steady addiction for Stuart. Soon, the moderation which he had earlier exercised with the hormone began to fade and he started taking more and more if it. He spent more time with other people who were using the hormone, something that made him feel more relaxed about its use and stopped worrying about side effects.

Just as Stuart was beginning to feel that he had indeed found the elixir of youth and beauty, the doubts began to creep in. Initially dismissing the discomfort he felt with his heart, Stuart had to wake up to the reality that all was not well after he collapsed in the gym. After a stay in the hospital and many painful examinations, Stuart was told that his heart had enlarged because of the overuse of the hormone, leading to a condition known as cardiomyopathy, an illness of the heart muscle.

Stuart is now recovering from cardiac surgery in a hospital room. Needless to say, his advice to his younger gym buddies is to use artificial growth hormones with care and only under the care of a specialist. A race to stay young may actually take off a few years off your life.