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Sustanon may come in injectables and these contain testosterone esters. This can be a therapy which is a derivative of the male hormone. It is used as replacement therapy of low testosterone levels in men, in male menopause symptoms such as decreased sex drive and the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis in men with low testosterone levels.


Medications always come with precautions before taking and consuming. In taking Sustanon, you will eed to measure first the blood level of your testosterone by having blood tests. This is required not just at the start of medication but also throughout the treatment and therapy. It is also important that a patient must be transparent to his or her doctor if he or she experiences symptoms such as frequent or persistent erections, nervousness and anxiety or irritability or even weight gain after the start of the treatment or therapy. Some testosterone levels maybe too high and that may need adjusting. The patient also needs to monitor his or he red blood cells, prostate specific antigen levels and liver function which requires blood tests. The doctor also ensures that a person doesn’t suffer from prostate cancer, so the need for medical check-up before taking the medication is required.

Not Recommended to:

                The use of Sustanon may generate greater health risks on some people depending on the physiological and medical status. There is greater health risks among boys who have not yet reached puberty, elderly people, those people who have already fluctuating function in their kidneys and livers, heart disease caused by inadequate blood flow to the heart, heart failure, epilepsy, hypertension, migraines, diabetes, bone cancer, blood clotting disorders, and sleep apnea. This is also prevented for the use of women, men with breast cancer, men with prostate cancer, has already diagnosed kidney inflammation, high levels of calcium in the blood, has and has allergic reactions to peanuts or soya.

Side Effects

                Medications such as Sustanon, naturally produces side effects just like other medicines. However, the disclaimer is, it varies to various people depending on their health status along with the environmental conditions. In the case of the medicine Sustanon, common side effects associated with it are, head ache, breast pain, pain at the injection site, swelling caused by fluid retention, enlargement of the breasts, hair loss, acne, weight gain, depression, nervousness, hostility, anxiety, prostate problems, persistent painful erection of the penis, decreased sperm count, reduced volume of ejaculation, increased levels of red blood cells, increased hemoglobin levels, jaundice, liver tumors, premature closure of the ends of the bones, causing stunted growth in young boys, and premature sexual development especially in the case of boys.

Performance Benefits of Sustanon

                Since Sustanon is a derivative of testorone, it will physically generate mass gain particularly a lean mass and an increase in strength. Due to the increase levels of testosterone, this will be accompanied by less body-fat accumulation in mass gaining phase. Sustanon will also protect the lean tissues of the body which tend to be lost as calories get lesser in our bodies because of burning of the body fat. Even if there is greater fats that will be burnt, more lean body tissue will also develop. Muscular endurance will surely be enhanced and the physical recovery in trainings and physical activities will be bolstered.